Aviation Industry

Corporate Business Profile | Aviation Industry

Energy Leader Group is a conglomerate company which operates mainly in the Aviation and Energy industries in the Asia Pacific region. In the Aviation sector, Energy Leader Group has formulated its own financial & business operating system and has established a long-term stable strategic relationship with the Russian Aviation Industries and Authorities, including worldwide marketing of amphibious aircraft, joint R & D of aircraft & aviation engines and education.

Amphibious Aircraft

  • Licensed producer and distributor for Amphibious Aircraft.

- Aircraft Assembly & Manufacturing

- Aircraft Certification (C.A.A.C CHINA)

- Aircraft Marketing & Sales (worldwide)

- Aviation Education & Training

- Airline Operator (Regional Airline in CHINA)

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Aviation Engine

  • Licensed and intellectual property owner of the upgraded D-30KP High-thrust aviation engines.

- Research & Development (Upgrading)

- Engine Serial Productions

- Engine Certifications (C.A.A.C China)

- Engine Marketing & Sales (Worldwide)

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Aviation Education

  • Aviation Education, aircraft pilot & mechanics training, integrated aviation amusement park.

Aviation Academy (Joint University)

Basic Pilot Training (PPL)

Amphibious Aircraft Training

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