Mine Mouth Power Plant Overview



Mine mouth power plant coal concession overview

Coal concession area: 12,880 Ha

Mining license: valid till 2037 & Extensions for 2 x10 Years

Coal resources: 1.5 Billion metric tons

Coal reserves: 520 Million Metric Ton, enough for 3 x 660 MW for 30 years

Coal Calorific Value: Average 2725 Kcal/kg


Work facilities

Lematang River is crossing the concession area as the water source of the Power Plant, negating the need for expensive cooling towers.

Relatively close the PLN’s transmission substation (40 km)

Simple and fast mining operation, by truck and shovel method

Distance from pit to Coal Handling Facility (CHF): average 3 km

CHF feeds the IPP Overland Conveyor at the Coal Transfer Point

Fresh coal will be delivered from pit to the boiler in about 1 hour


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