Verified Hyperspectral Focused Exploration Technology, a newly launched technology for resources searching, no more reliance on the sound-waves. Bringing exploration and mining to a new era with hyper-spectral remote sensing.


Technology Overview

No more deployment of massive seismic truck on site, replaced by aerial hyperspectral remote sensing.

Unique mathematical analysis and computer simulation to calculate the reserves and composition.


Providing an exploration accuracy (drilling coordinates, reserves parameters) no less than 85%.

Core Principles

  • To detect the Extra High Frequency Spectrum of earth elements (any element listed in the Mendeleev’s periodic table) with hyperspectral sensor.
  • Hyperspectral sensors look at objects using a vast portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Certain objects leave ‘traces’ in the electromagnetic spectrum, also known as the spectral signatures.
  • Spectral signatures are frequent seen as subatomic particles, such as lepton, microlepton and more.
  • The ‘traces’ enable identification of the materials that make up a scanned object. For instance, a spectral signature for hydrocarbons helps geologists to find new oil & gas fields.

Energy Spectrum


Mendeleev’s Periodic Table


Spectral signature of the hydrocarbons

Scanning with the device is simple, however, we have our own sets of unique mathematical formulas and simulation technologies to identify the exact element types and locations based on the scanning, and to calculate the reserves, composition parameters to its utmost accuracy.



Primary Equipments

Using hyper-spectral camera/sensor to conduct geological surveying and scanning for the trace in energy spectrum.

If the characteristic energy spectrum of a specific element is being detected, meaning the existence of the element is valid. The higher the density of the energy spectrum, the higher the possibility of reserves of the element.

Geological scanning with hyperspectral sensor can be done by using:


Hyperspectral Satellite


Unmanned drone


BE-103 aircraft



Sample results

Sample results of VMF exploration technology, click to zoom.


Outline of the mineral deposits discovered by VMF technology


Area of the mineral deposits generated by VMF technology

3D modelling & simulation and vector analysis of the identified deposits


3D geolocial cross sections, content and type of the resources distinguished by color


Comparing against the conventional seismic exploration technology.


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